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Our review of


(The K9 flyer is available in two sizes)

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Wow, what can I say? Our Dog's love this interactive Dog toy! I would go so far as to say that the Ruff Dawg K9 flyer, makes them even dafter!

We found that it was very easy for us to grip the flyer, being a rubber dog toy, we were able to get a good hold on it to throw for our Dog's.

Our Dog's were able to pick the Ruff Dawg K9 flyer up very easily too, as being made from flexible non toxic rubber, it is much more gentle on there mouths.

We were able to spend a good few hours with our Dog's and the Ruff Dawg K9 flyer's, with out the Dog's losing interest! And to finish on, the colours of these Ruff Dawg flyers make it easier to find them too when they go a little too far away!!! Oooops! 

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(please note, this product is NOT a chew toy, it is an interactive toy to stimulate your Dog and provide catching and retrieving fun!)

All in all, we rate this Dog toy, the Ruff Dawg K9 flyer-Junior 10/10.

Well done Ruff Dawg!

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